How to extract images from theme package in windows7

One of my friend provided me a theme pack for setting images on desktop background that changes with time, although most of them are every beautiful but out of them one is very catchy so i thought to go with it only. Following is the path/location where you will find those images in your windows 7 OS.




Brace privilege in ADD and MODIFY in mysql

My Problem

table - tbl_customer 
tool- phpmyadmin

Queries —

ALTER TABLE tbl_customer    <-- All Good
ADD( price int(10) NOT NULL);

While —-

ALTER TABLE tbl_customer   <-- Not Working
MoDIFY( price float(12,2) NOT NULL);

however this works correctly without braces –

ALTER TABLE tbl_customer   <-- All Good
MoDIFY price float(12,2) NOT NULL;

REASON ----------

ADD allows more than 1 column to add but modify allows only single, so braces been provided for add not for modify.